The Symbols of Government Thurman Arnold


Published: 1935


278 pages


The Symbols of Government  by  Thurman Arnold

The Symbols of Government by Thurman Arnold
1935 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 278 pages | ISBN: | 9.67 Mb

I find that many people are frustrated with their government. This book is a critique on the inconsistencies of government and uses a very broad scope in order to explain those inconsistencies. This book would be an attempt to show that the government as a whole works toward an end that is often at odds with its ideals. No matter what political affiliation a person claims, they would still be caught inside of social structure often outside their peripheral vision. I leave you with quotes to demonstrate this.Also I learned in this book that the question of having tomatoes being a fruit or vegetable went to the Supreme Court which is really funny (Nix v Heddon, 1983).When an individual has created for himself an acceptable role, he is compelled to believe that his conduct conforms to that role.

Sometimes the realization of inconsistencies rises to the level of his consciousness. From such inconsistencies he must necessarily escape. This escape is sometimes made through such an aver elaboration of the role he is playing that he can forget the inconsistencies in a maze of words or ceremonies.

Sometimes it is effected through the assumption of a different and inconsistent role. Such conflicts make up the story of each individual life.-Thurman W. ArnoldLegal and economic theories maintain their consistency by relating themselves, not to actual men, but to an abstract man, who represents men as they ought to be.-Thurman W. ArnoldEconomics is unlike jurisprudence... Here is a science which is above Morality, where ethical good may even be an economic evil.-Thurman W. Arnold

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